Parish sub-committee findings on East West Rail published

We have published the Caldecote sub-committee findings on the East West Rail consultation. There are two PDF’s to download, one a summary.

We feel East Rail have failed to realise the impact that both the Bourn Airfield and Linden Homes developments have on the Alignments coming through the top of our Village.

We are in contact with both of these developments and they were as surprised as we were over these plans.

We will arrange a Public meeting so that your concerns can be raised.

Please see the East West Rail page  to view these documents

Bourn Quarter Update (former TKA Tallent site)

Developers are ready to break ground next week.

They have delivered letters via the contractor Readie Construction to the houses in West Drive nearest the site to let them know work will be starting on site and that there may be some noise due to the breaking up of the existing concrete hardstanding  over the next few weeks. They expect most of the noise will be absorbed by the bund which will remain in place whilst this work is undertaken.

East West Rail Consultation: ends 9 June 2021

East West Rail (EWRail) have started their non-statutory consultation and the preferred routes will have a significant effect on the top part of Highfields  Caldecote. They have managed to find a way through from a proposed station (Cambourne North) on the other side of the A428 and a sliver of land at the top of Highfields to the West of the BP garage. with the proposed route running at a height of some 10 metres above what is already one of the highest points in  this area.

Documents and maps can be found here

The main document is 21MB long.

(Hard copies of the documents and forms can be ordered from here

Please see the East West Rail page for further information current updates and our assessment of the proposed routes.

Notice of Emergency Road Closure, Main Street

The County of Cambridgeshire

Road Traffic Regulations Act 1984 – Section 14(2) as amended by the Road Traffic (Temporary Restrictions) Act 1991
(Temporary Prohibition of Through Traffic)

Notice 2021/339

The County of Cambridgeshire hereby gives notice that from 11:30hrs on 16 February 2021 no vehicle shall proceed along Main Street, Kingston and Caldecote as lies between Manor Farm and the B1046.

Access will be maintained to properties affected by this Order.

The alternative route for vehicles is via Highfields Road – St Neots Road – St Neots Road, Bourn – St Neots Road, Knapwell – Broadway, Bourn – Alms Hill – High Street – Gills Hill – B1046 and vice versa.

This Notice is made in the interest of safety because of emergency burst sewer repair works and will remain effective whilst there is a risk of public danger but not for more than 21 days.

It is anticipated that these works will take place between 16 February and 26 February 2021.

The Notice shall not apply to any persons lawfully engaged in connection with any works for which it is made, any member of the Police Force, Fire and Rescue Service, Ambulance Service, a vehicle being used by Special Forces during the execution of their duties or to any person acting with the permission or upon the direction of a Police Officer in uniform.

Steven Cox, Executive Director, Place and Economy, Shire Hall, Castle Hill, Cambridge CB3 0AP
16 February 2021