East West Rail (EWRail) have started their non-statutory consultation and the preferred routes will have a significant effect on the top part of Highfields  Caldecote. They have managed to find a way through from a proposed station (Cambourne North) on the other side of the A428 and a sliver of land at the top of Highfields to the West of the BP garage. with the proposed route running at a height of some 10 metres above what is already one of the highest points in  this area.

Documents and maps can be found here https://eastwestrail.co.uk/consultation

The main document is 21MB long.


(Hard copies of the documents and forms can be ordered from here https://ewr-ws.apsmos.com/ArticleOverview.html?sp=Sconsultationinformation)

Please see the East West Rail page for further information current updates and our assessment of the proposed routes.