Drainage and Flooding

Drainage and Flooding

Surface Water Management

Many of the ordinary watercourses (e.g. ditches and culverts) in Caldecote are the responsibility of ‘riparian owners’. If your property includes or is adjacent to an ordinary watercourse you are a riparian owner and have responsibility for its maintenance.  For further information, please consult our ‘Riparian Ownership‘ page. 


If you experience flooding it is important to report it.  If there is an immediate risk to life dial 999.

Who you need to contact depends on where the flooding is coming from – please consult our ‘Flooding – who manages what?‘ page to identify the relevant authority.

Sewers and Drains

To report problems with public sewers or drains, contact Anglian Water: 03457 145 145

We can all do our bit to help to prevent drainage problems in the village. The leaflet below contains advice from Anglian Water on the prevention of pump and pipe blockages: you can find more information on their ‘Keep it clear’ campaign here: