Update 10th May 2021:

The Caldecote Parish Council sub-committee has now published their findings.

These can be found in the following two PDF documents

Caldecote Parish Council East West Rail Summary Report

Caldecote Parish Council East West Rail Full Report

Update 23rd April 2021:

The Parish Council will be posting here very shortly our assessment of the proposed railway alignments.  We encourage you to read this and then comment on the consultation. Please check back here regularly to see our updates…

Update 9th April 2021:

East West Rail Consultation: 31 March – 9 June 2021

As you may be aware East West Rail (EWRail) have started their non-statutory consultation and the preferred routes will have a significant effect on the top part of Highfields. They have managed to find a way through from a proposed station (Cambourne North) on the other side of the A428 and a sliver of land at the top of Highfields. This is mainly due to lobbying by our MP and other groups based in the villages to the  south and West of us with their aim of getting EWRail to come into Cambridge via the Cambridge North Railway station. The documents mentioned below have revisited this question and have come back with the same technical reasons why this is not feasible. So there is a proposed station to the North of Cambourne across a dual carriageway, and coming across the field at the top of Highfields to the West of the BP garage at a height of some 10 metres above what is already one of the highest points in  this area. Together with there being no change to the impact on our neighbouring villages to the South. This station will mean that land to the North of the old 428 could be developed for housing. On the plus side we will have a railway station close to us.

Documents and maps can be found here https://eastwestrail.co.uk/consultation

The main document is 21MB long.


(Hard copies of the documents and forms can be ordered from here https://ewr-ws.apsmos.com/ArticleOverview.html?sp=Sconsultationinformation)

Looking at the consultation pdf on page 216 there are two emerging preferences both of which mean a station at North Cambourne and a route south through the top of Highfields, Caldecote. The only difference between them is what happens at St Neots.

Looking at page 227 you can see the blue route through the top of Highfields, Caldecote. As far as we can tell it goes through the fortitude fitness centre


The red route (page 231+)

The original alignment corridor  roughly followed the red route

The red alignment is expected to cost more to build than the dark blue and light blue alignments but would be cheaper than the yellow and purple alignments.

We will be adding further information as we know more.